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November 22, 2003
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Selfportrait - Starry Night by myownself Selfportrait - Starry Night by myownself
It's 4:30 am, Saturday, November 22. What made this postsurgical and emotionally insecure woman so happy? Well, is she happy? Maybe she's not. Is it a smile or a frown?

I honestly do not know. But we can wait and see what else her sick little mind produces. One simple rule - I drive!:)

PS. There's no spoon :)
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EndOfTheNight Nov 22, 2003   Photographer
You did an amazing work - I love this tribute to the starry night of Van Gogh, and the pose and the lightning... ;-)
wow very interesting, look very nice.

i enjoy how her texture coincides with the background texture.
weyoun9 Nov 22, 2003
you are so strange and interesting! really cool photo. :D
kevissimo Nov 22, 2003  Professional Traditional Artist
Yes, Van Gogh and Kafka. Every piece is a window into your world. I love watching your work evolve.... and I love where it's going...
It was more of insomnia production waste rather than a conceptual piece:)

He-he, and where do you think it is going?
kevissimo Nov 22, 2003  Professional Traditional Artist
Well, it's sort of like that time when you're kidnapped and you give the police report on what you heard from the trunk...
"We passed alot of things that hiss, crossed railroad tracks and what sounded like circus music, except that it was slowed down, like it was coming over an old Vitrolla cranked by someone falling asleep."

"Weird. Anything else, sir?"

"Well, I couldn't see anything beacuse it was so dark, except that I could smell alot of cinamon and dust, but I had this vision..."

"A vision, sir?"

"Yeah, there was this sea of happy legless children with scars on their heads and they were all pointing up this hill toward this mansion with many houses in it. They kept going 'See! See!' So I ran up the hill through this bed of faded antique silk flowers and I began to hear this singing in a language I didn't understand, but it made me feel well, hopeful. Then I woke up and everything smelled like toast."

"um...ok, you can go now, sir"

It's sort of like that.
Except without the police report.
I love the strong, nearly extreme use of brush work on the face and background, the blue colors, it all looks so covered, bizarre to me. Great work!
diosaperdida Nov 22, 2003  Professional General Artist
This is amazing ...I can see it's a photo, but I also see the artistry that went into it. You have a subtle, but beautiful hand with your brushing. I really enjoyed this and want to go NOW and look at the rest of your gallery.
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